Some nobody being the forum joke of the day.

You see hon, that's why it pays to stretch those brain cells from time to time.

The Long Wait Is Over

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Level Up Games is finally launching open beta phase for Rohan PH tomorrow March 24, 2009. Just in time for summer vacation. See you in game!

Please cry more e-games, you're about to get your ass kicked. :rofl:

One day to go

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Tomorrow, February 26, 2009, will mark the start of sleepless nights (or days, since I belong to the graveyard shift) and never ending exp grinds. Rohan PH has come. Ohh.. hard on!

I'm screaming like a little girl in delight.

Blog Restart

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This blog needs a restart. Being a superhero and a blogger at the same time isn't as easy as you think. So here's a cute puppy to keep you busy for the meantime.

Nice tracks from some of the top mmorpg's in the Philippines.

Humanda ka - Performed by Sandwich for Tantra Online

Pasan - Performed by Calla lilly for Lineage II South East Asia

Birthright - Performed by Loquy for RF Online Philippines

Empire Accretia - Performed by Razorback for RF Online Philippines

Battlecry - Performed by Greyhoundz for RF Online Philippines :D/

Credits to the uploaders of the videos.